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Tailor Blended Tours

Tailor blended wine tours offer wine enthusiasts the opportunity to curate their ideal wine tasting experience, tailored to their individual tastes and preferences. Whether exploring renowned wine regions, grape varieties, terroirs or discovering hidden gems off the beaten path, these customized tours provide a memorable and immersive journey into the portuguese wines.

Consultation: Typically begins by consulting with the participants to understand their preferences, interests, and expectations. This could involve discussing preferred wine varietals, desired destinations, budget considerations, dietary restrictions, and any other specific requirements.

Custom Itinerary: Based on the information gathered during the consultation, a custom itinerary is created for the wine tour. This may include visits to select wineries, vineyards, wine tasting rooms, and other attractions that align with the participants' preferences. The itinerary could also incorporate additional activities such as gourmet dining experiences, cultural tours, or outdoor adventures.

Private or Small Group Tours: Tailor-blended wine tours may be organized as private tours for individuals, couples, or small groups, allowing for a more intimate and personalized experience. Private tours provide the flexibility to customize the itinerary and pace of the tour according to the participants' preferences.

Exclusive Experiences: To enhance the uniqueness of the tour, participants may have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive experiences not typically available to the general public. This could include private tastings with winemakers, behind-the-scenes tours of wineries, barrel tastings, vineyard walks, or food and wine pairing sessions.

Expert Guidance: Experienced guides or wine experts often accompany tailor-blended wine tours to provide insights into the local wine culture, history, and winemaking techniques. Guides may also offer recommendations on wine selections, food pairings, and local attractions, enriching the overall tour experience.

Flexible Scheduling: Tailor-blended wine tours are often flexible in terms of scheduling, allowing participants to choose the dates and duration of the tour that best suit their preferences and availability. This flexibility enables travelers to plan their wine tour around other commitments and activities.

Transportation and Accommodation: Depending on the tour package, transportation and accommodation arrangements may be included to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for participants. This could involve private transportation between wineries, luxury accommodations, and gourmet dining options.


Unvelling vineyards and native grapes of Portugal with in one or more regions.


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Discovering the diversity of terroirs in Portugal in one or more regions.


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Pairing the richness of gastronomy and wines in one or more wine regions


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