Great teams are like fine wines: each member brings their own unique flavor and character, but together, they create a blend that's greater than the sum of its parts.

Your Blend

An ativity where we challenge you and your team to create the best wine blend, is an oportunity learn more the wine production process, from growing the grapes to final bottling, while we work on the ideal profile of your team through communication, creativity, leadership and team spirit.

Wine Sessions

A social and educational activity that allows people to explore the world of wine, broaden their knowledge, and appreciate the diversity and complexity of different wine styles. While tasting different wines, learn about their characteristics, origins, and production methods, share your preferences and experiences with each wine.

Bottle Escape

A fun and educational activity where participants as a team are challenged to taste different wines in specific locations, following clues. It's an exciting way to explore different wines, learn about the characteristics and peculiarities of each producer, wine region.



WIne Experiences | O tinto do Jacinto

4 de Abril, 2024

Wine Experiences Discover Portugal by Wine Tourism

8 de Abril, 2021

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